Pine Needles Briquetting Project


Meghalaya is blessed with large tracts of pine forests in the Khasi & Jaintia Hills District. The pine tree sheds copious amounts of needles during the winter season (December to March. These pine needles form a carpet and cover entire pine forests. Since the needles have a high calorific value, they cause forest fires thereby distressing communities and degrading environment. Hence communities view the pine needles as a bane and use multifarious methods to prevent and tackle forest fires.

The project involves collection of Pine needles in a large scale in villages having large volume of pine trees for use in the cement factory. These pine needles will be baled for easy transport by a Baling Machine devised for the purpose. The bale Pine needles will then be converted into briquettes by Briquetting Machine for use as fuel in the MCCL for using in the kilns/ furnace as the case may be.


Briquettes production from pine needles has twin objectives of generating cleaner energy by substituting the use of fossil fuels and creating sustainable livelihood opportunities for the rural communities of the states by converting wealth out of waste.

Scope of the Project:

High Profitability, Quick Pay back, excellent growth potentiality, abundantly available, Ready Market, No Pollution, Reduces Forest Fires, Avoid land degradation, Promoting Livelihoods to the Rural People.

Project  Areas

The project will be implemented in phase wise starting with areas having larger volumes of pine needles concentration: Initially the project will be implemented in Laitkroh Block C & RD Block and Mylliem C & RD Block.

Villages In Laitkroh C & Rd Block:  Mawmyrsiang, Laitkroh, Laitkynsew, Diengkynthong, Kyrdemkhla,  Nongthymmai, Madanlyngkhi, Swer, Lummawkong .

Villages In Mylliem C & Rd:  12 Mile, 4th Mile, Upper Shillong.

Beneficiaries:    Individuals or Families or any Social Groups

Project Period:  Unlimited

Project Implementation: 

The Meghalaya State Rural Livelihood Society (MSRLS) has partnered with Mawmluh Cherra Cement Limited (MCCL), Sohra, to examine the feasibility of briquetting pine needles and using the briquetting to partially substitute coal in the cement production process. Briquetting Unit will be set up at Mawmluh Cherra Cement Limited (MCCL), Factory Campus, Sohra. The villages will collect and store the pine needles in their respective villages which will be lifted by the MCCL.

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