RSETI in Meghalaya

As per MoRD guidelines one RSETI is to be opened and made functional in each identified district of the country. The respective SLBCs have identified 603 districts across the country for opening the RSETIs and have allocated them to various banks.

In Meghalaya all the districts are identified and allotted to various banks/institutions for opening the RSETIs by the State Level Bankers Committee (SLBC). As on date only one RSETI has been established at Ri –Bhoi district (Umran) by State Bank India (SBI). Ministry of Rural Development (MoRD) has released grant to this RSETI. Day to day operation and management of these RSETIs is to be looked after by the respective lead banks. RSETIs are bank lead institutions; the name of respective sponsored bank is prefixed to give it a distinct identity.

In SBI-RSETI (Umran), the major preference of the youths trainings are animal husbandry programmes like piggery, poultry, dairy, goatery, and others like mushroom cultivation, fishery, bee-king, vermin-culture etc. Programmes on food processing and steel fabrication have also been held.

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