Objectives of Meghalaya State Rural Livelihoods Society

  • To assess and inventories the rural livelihoods options of the State’s rural poor and evolve specific strategies against each one of these options.
  • To eliminate poverty among the rural people by improving their capacities and opportunities to participate in their own development.
  • To make necessary interventions to create and empower active and affinity based groups of the rural poor.
  • To make necessary interventions to create income security opportunities for the rural poor. To strengthen the village institutions so that they collaborate with, and influence the democratic institutions, to become more inclusive, accountable and effective.
  • To bring about coordination, convergence and synergy among the various poverty alleviation programmes of the State and Central Governments with a view to accelerating the process of elimination of rural poverty in the State.

The Society is governed by board of Governing Council and Executive Council as under:

A. Governing Council:

Chairman : Chief Secretary
Vice Chairman: Addl. Chief Secy. i/c of Finance Dept.
Members : Principal Secy./Commissioner Secretaries of; Agriculture, Animal Husbandry & Veterinary, Industries, Labour, Education, Health & Family Welfare, Social Welfare, Fisheries, Planning, Sericulture & Weaving, Director of NERC, Director of SIRD, State Level Representative of RBI & NANARD, Convener-SLBC, CEO-LIFCOM, PD-MRDS & NERCORMP, CEO-MSRLS, Representative of MORD and representative of SHGs/Federations.
Convener : Commissioner& Secretary, C&RD dept.

B. Executive Council:

Chairperson : Principal Secretary, C&RD dept.
Members : Commissioner & Secy. of Soil & Water Conservation, Animal Husbandry & Veterinary, Agriculture, Industries, Labour, Education, Health & Family Welfare, Social Welfare, Fisheries, Planning and Sericulture & Weaving, Director-NERC, Director-SIRD, Convener-SLBC, CEO-LIFCOM, PD-MRDS & NERCORMP, representative of SHGs/Federations.
Convener : State Mission Director/ CEO

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