Expected Outcomes

  • Net increase in the incomes of women in agriculture on a sustainable basis;
  •  Improvement in food and nutritional security of women in agriculture and their families;
  •  Increase in area under cultivation, cropping intensity and food production by women;
  •  Increased levels of skills and performance by women in agriculture;
  •  Increased access of women in agriculture to productive land, inputs, credit, technology and information;
  •  Drudgery reduction for women in agriculture through use of gender friendly tools / technologies;
  •  Increased access to market and market information for better marketing of their products;
  •  Increased soil health and fertility to sustain agriculture based livelihoods;
  •  Increased visibility of women in agriculture as an interest group –in terms of increased number of women institutions and increase in their entrepreneurship. An indicative list of expected outcomes and their corresponding indicators is attached as Annexure I
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